Testing Services

Kott Software offers an end-to-end fully customized testing services where the responsibility of application testing is taken at an enterprise or program level. Kott Software service is targeted for organizations who want to transform their testing function to achieve highquality, cost-effectively without the expense, large overheads, day-to-day responsibilities, and all this without losing overall control.

The essential components of our service are:

  • A structured testing service with our established testing methodology.
  • Business-driven Test Management.
  • Our global delivery model combining testing professionals in onshore and offshore locations.
  • Flexibility to scale resources up or down depending on business cycles.
  • Specialist testing skills (mobile, performance, security, test automation and many more…)
  • KPIs directly aligned with client business objectives.
  • Approach focuses on continuous improvement in testing functions.

Our Testing Services include:

  • Application Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Testing for Agile
  • Testing for Cloud

Managed Testing Services delivers significant benefits to the business including:

  • Significantly reduced total cost of testing: balanced outsourcing can yield up to 30% savings
  • Measurable quality improvements: prevention of at least 95% of high-severity defects and improved time to market by 20%.
  • Skills transfer: embedding capabilities into your organization and ensuring quality across multiple environments.