Product Engineering

At Kott Software, we leverage our rich technology and domain expertise to present software product engineering offerings that help you constantly innovate, launch new products, improve time-to-market capabilities and maintain product portfolios at reduced costs. Kott Software has aided organizations in turning many concepts to reality.

As software product companies prepare for future growth and expansion, they face challenges like constant innovation, product portfolio maintenance, technology evolution, cost control and shorter product development lifecycles.

Kott Software has also gone through the product development lifecycle with many partners who utilized our services to build web, desktop and mobile products and solutions. Kott Software has rich experience of having developed its own enterprise solutions for the Hospitality, Inflight Catering, Healthcareand Human resource verticals.

Kott Software has a defined process for protecting client intellectual property and non-compete in same vertical. The knowledge transfer is done based on well-defined Non -Disclosure agreements. The software product can be delivered to the client complete with user manuals, technical documentation and source code. Kott Software has successfully designed and developed software products that are used by Fortune 500 Companies.

Product Challenges where we support:

  • Managing technology transformations in the software industry such as SaaS, Mobile and Cloud Computing.
  • Innovate continually and launch new sub-products while maintaining the existing product portfolios.
  • Improving time-to-market capabilities.
  • Localizing and customizing software products in different languages for different geographies.
  • Improving margins while coping with increasing cost pressures.