Airline Catering

With low margins and large volumes being the rule of the game - proper costing, budgetary control, preventing wastage and informed decision-making has become as critical as ever. Aero-Chef Flight Kitchen Management System is an enterprise level, fully integrated software solution for efficient management of Flight Kitchens.

Inflight Catering services is an important component for branding, positioning and marketing for Airlines across the world. A good meal has been the start of many good relationships and research over the years show that the quality of inflight meals and services forms a main part of the prospection and satisfaction of the business and leisure traveler. Airlines which stopped serving meals are going back to offering meals even for short duration flights.

Aero Chef is an enterprise level application that integrates the various departments and functions in a Flight Kitchen that work together in delivering that quality "one meal" on time.

Software Modules include Control Room - Operations Management, Contracts Management, Menu Management, Recipe Builder, Kitchen Management, Stores and Inventory Management, Dispatch, Offloading, Invoicing, Payroll Processing, Financial Accounting and various other related functions. Extensive MIS Reports and business intelligence reports form a core part of the application.

Aero- Chef is build on the latest technology platforms and promises to be the key tool for catering companies for years to come.

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