Export Import Compliance

With increasing global trade, the need for import / export compliance has never been more. Trade regulations are constantly changing and ensuring compliance and streamlining internal process is critical for businesses. Kott Software has over a decade of experience in developing and supporting Trade Compliance applications.

Kott Software has been providing development and testing services for a leading provider of global trade management solutions. The solutions provided to our customer are used by many of the Fortune 500 companies and world’s leading organizations.

The solution covers a host of features and modules which include Export Management, Import Management, Denied Parties Screening, License Screening, License Management, Commodity Classification, Visitor Management and many other related functions and modules.

The domain knowledge and technical expertise of Kott Software has been a big value adds to ensure that the solution remains competitive and the market leader for the Export Import compliance sector.

Request Case Study: Kott Software has been functioning as a development partner for a leading export compliance software solution provider based in USA.