Explore.. Learn.. Grow..

Kott Software believes in offering much more than just a job. Kott gives you a full-fledged career. We give each team member the ability to explore, learn and grow and reach his/her full potential. With individual empowerment, open communications, flexible processes focused on high performance client delivery, Kott Software has a fun filled, exciting and challenging work atmosphere.

Kott Software has a niche team of management and software professionals that are highly techno-savvy. We believe in recruiting people who have a passion for information technology, loves high end, innovative and challenging software application development assignments.

  • Kott offers better benefits than large IT companies professionally and personally. Advantages include wider development and technical exposure, technical skills learning, higher responsibility, more recognition, closer knit teams, stable jobs, client engagement, opportunity for international travel and excellent compensation package.
  • Kott Software aims at being a highly recognised global player providing enterprise level technology solutions & consulting, application development, product engineering services and solutions for niche industries and markets.
  • The company is uniquely positioned as,"small best IT companies to work with" and is set to deliver its flexible world class services seamlessly to any client location.

Send in your detailed CV to [email protected] or apply online through our site to find out more about exciting career advancement opportunites.
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Close knit teams, warm atmosphere, technology challenges, supportive management, active client engagements. Being with Kott helps you to learn, explore and grow in your personal and professional lives.

HR Policies

  • Recruit, Absorb and Retain the best software talent.
  • Be an equal Opportunity Employer.
  • Non-discrimination against employees on basis of sex, religion, caste or creed.
  • Welfare and good employee-employer relationships.
  • Provide opportunity for further training in new technical areas.
  • Provide opportunity to work closely with clients
  • Foster and encourage team work
  • Reward high performers consistently.